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I built this site for a local antique dealer who specializes in chandeliers and tole lighting. She already had a design in mind for her logo, which I converted into a vector image.

The site was done entirely in PHP and MySQL. It has a few interesting features. The large images on the main page are not created by hand. Instead, they are pulled from the currently available inventory and created dynamically. The overlaid text, e.g. "Lamps... Explore>" is done on the fly with a PHP function, so when new content is added it will appear randomly on the front page.

The image links on the left hand navigation are also created dynamically. Since my client wanted to use a copperplate gothic font for the links, I chose to have the admin panel create a new image link automatically whenever a category is added or changed. This way the font will display correctly in every browser.

On the front end, the site includes e-commerce through paypal shopping cart, a mailing list, wish list and advanced search which allows filtering by price range and era.

For the back end I built a custom content management system to make changes a breeze. It tracks searches performed on the site recording the keywords, date the search was made, the price range and era (if selected) and number of results returned. For the auxiliary content, the CMS allows upload of images, and a means to insert them into the content using short hand tags.


Tags: web sites, applications, graphic design, php, css, mysql, html

Vital Stats:

  • Located in Raleigh, NC
  • Offering custom Web design & development
  • Experienced in scripting for business automation
  • Dedicated to web standards compliance

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