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I was hired by Hunt & Gather, a local interior decorator store, to design their Web Site. They wanted more of a "brochure" style site than actual e-commerce.

The gallery is database driven and works using a Javascript layer for dynamic image replacement which degrades gracefully to a server side PHP script.

An interesting feature of the gallery is that mousing over a medium sized image creates a scrolling zoom view on the right hand side, which is a great method of showing product detail unobtrusively.

Another neat feature is the gallery's "ask a question" link. The user can put a marker anywhere inside the image, for example if they're wanting to point out a particular item in the photograph. On submission, the question is emailed to the store with a link to the item's image. If a marker was set, that will appear also.

The Web Site features a custom content management system for adding and deleting items from the gallery, managing the customer mailing list, sending mailing list announcements and and posting store news.

The gallery admin uses AJAX technology to eliminate the need for browser refreshes. It allows an easy means to mark items as sold, delete items and edit the title and dealer id for each item. There are visual cues if an item is missing information. Since there are many dealer booths in the store, the gallery can be viewed by dealer to make it easy to figure out when items have sold.

In addition to the site I also designed their logo, business and store cards. I still do product photography for the Web Site on a regular basis.


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